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About a business club

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Educational business programs for kids (10-13 y.o.) and teenagers (14-18 y.o.) aimed at the development of business thinking, formation of business skills, career guidance and development of personal qualities.




What is BeezzCraft?

  • Immersion in business: business project development, negotiations, marketing research, sales, internships.
  • Vibrant interactive lessons with MBA teachers, including case studies, discussions and debates
  • Development of personal qualities: ability to work in a team, to negotiate, to create presentations, development of leadership potential.
  • A project of Business School "International Institute of Business", MBA programs of which are accredited by the independent British Association of MBAs (AMBA).


What are the benefits of the BeezzCraft program? 

  • Development of entrepreneurial skills and formation of business mind: a teenager will be able not only to navigate in the world of business, but also to find new opportunities, to set and to achieve goals, to plan their activities and to communicate effectively.

  • Personal and professional self-identification: according to the results of the international certified psychological testing methods a profile of each student is created, which includes their strengths and weaknesses, preferable activities and professions which are the most suitable for realization of the teenager’s potential. 

  • Networking with fellow students (perhaps, future business partners!) and personal growth: communication and leadership skills, art of negotiation and problem solving.

  • After completion of the training each participant receives the certificate of business school "International Institute of Business" and a detailed feedback on personal development and further professional training.


What is the result of the program?



All coaches and instructors – are top experts of business school “International Institute of Business”:

  • Professionals in business education
  • are eager to share their experience and practical knowledge

  • know how to keep the audience interested and involved

  • are experienced in working with kids

  • are able to professionally answer every question about business which may arise.


Support and guidance

During the education period, each student is assigned to personal tutor, who:

  • coordinates the work in teams
  • motivates and finds an individual approach to every member of the team.

  • supports and helps in personal development and communication.

  • is basically a friend for the student. A student can share all of their concerns and problems with a tutor and ask tutor for advice.

  • communicate with parents. 


"Peremoga Space", Kyiv, Shevchenka Boulevard, 62

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BeezzCraft project manager Nataliia Gnatiuk +38 067 314 43 44

Яркие, содержательные и интерактивные занятия по темам бизнеса от преподавателей MBA.