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Mission & Values

Mission of the International Institute of Business is to create values for individuals, companies and society through:

  • Practical, complex education, aimed at the managerial and organizational development;
  • Applied researches in the field of management;
  • Incorporation of the world’s best managerial practices in the Ukrainian business;
  • Proactive, client-oriented methods of education

IIB’s Values

We believe that striving to effectiveness is the main driving force of the market economy.

We strive to increase the level of effectiveness of the Ukrainian economy through incorporation of the world’s best managerial experiences into business practice.

We guarantee the quality of our programs, offering the production decisions for our clients.

We aspire to be effective in everything that we do.


We cultivate the environment of honesty, trust and cooperation and follow high ethical standards.

We believe that honesty is a cornerstone in achieving the true professional and individual success.


We offer competency and professionalism. We strive to gradually incorporate world’s professional standards in the Ukrainian business.

We realize that a high-quality business education has to adjust to changes in global business processes in cultural and technological respect.

We remain flexible in delivering and including the substantial changes of the business environment into the study process and everyday professional growth.


We offer the integrated portfolio of products in order to offer the effective solutions for our clients.

We create a unique atmosphere of cooperation and mutual support in order to guarantee the achievement of success for both parties. We use the entire potential of cooperation in our activities and products portfolio.


We are responsible for quality and effectiveness of our programs.

We follow the socially responsible approach as a corner stone of democracy, market economy and productive economic development.


We strongly believe that effectiveness and competitiveness in the modern world depends on the ability to implement innovations. Rapidly changing environment creates a need for constant innovative changes in management.

We incorporate innovation into our products, following the world’s best practices and conducting our own research.