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MBA in Public Sector

MBA in Public Sector is the first program of managerial development in Ukraine approved by the International Association of Schools and Institutes of Administration (IASIA).


  • Anyone who is aiming for development of his managerial career in non-profit and public sector.
  • The employees of non-profit organizations, state and municipal enterprises, organizations of public sector, unions, associations, etc.
  • The program will be useful for specialists from different areas, such as power industry, financial sector, building industry, health care, services sector, etc.

Start date: October 2020

Duration: 18 months

Schedule of training modules: twice a month, every two weeks


Format: Friday from 14:00 to 20:30, Saturday and Sunday from 09:30 to 16:15

Tuition fee:

  • Total cost of the program: 98 000,00 UAH
  • The registration fee is 3000,00 UAH (included in the tuition fee). The remaining amount is paid in equal monthly installments according to the contracted schedule.


Graduation Documents:

  • Diploma of International Institute of Business “MBA in Public Sector”.
  • National Diploma of Master of Business Administration.



Training outcomes for students are the ability to:

  • Deal with peculiarities of public administration and public policy.
  • Explore the relationship between politics and economics.
  • Analyze methods and tools for improving management effectiveness at the national economy level.
  • Increase regulatory knowledge in managing municipal economies.
  • Learn about principles of NGO management.
  • Master the methodology of effective public administration.
  • Develop personal management effectiveness.
  • Strengthen and practice their knowledge during  preparation and defense of Master's Thesis.


The program MBA in Public Sector is approved by the International Association of Institutes of Administration (IASIA).


Content of the program «MBA in Public Sector»:


Unit I. Fundamentals of Public Administration

1. Theories of Public Administration and Public Policy.

2. Philosophy of Public Administration.

3. Fundamentals of European politics.

Unit II. Economy and politics

4. Micro and Macroeconomics of Public Policy.

5. Economic Analysis of Public Policy.

6. Quantitative Methods for Making Policy Decisions.

7. Budget and Tax Policy.

8. Investment Public Policy.

9. Energy and Environmental Policy.

Unit III. Management of the public sector of the national economy

10. Public Finance Management.

11. Investment Management.

12. Management of Public Sector Development.

13. Corporate Management.

14. Reform in Public Sector.

Unit IV. Public Management: municipal economy

15. Strategic Management.

16. Financial Management and Policy.

17. Management of Regional and Local Development.

Unit V. Public Management: NGO

18. NGO Management.

19. Project Activities of Non-Governmental Organizations.

20. Advocacy in Non-Governmental Organizations.

Unit VІ. Public Management Effectiveness

21. Digital Technologies and State Policy.

22. Project Management.

23. Controlling.

Unit VІI. Personal Managerial Effectiveness

24. Leadership, Management and Organizational Change.

25. HR Management in Public Sector.

26. Ethics and public policy.


Preparation and defense of Master's Thesis.




This link contains information about enrolling to the program for those who wish to receive:

  • Master's degree (state standard) on specialty 073 "Management", field of knowledge 07 "Management and administration"
  • Diploma “MBA in Public Sector” by International Institute of Business


This link contains information about enrolling to the program for those who wish to receive:

  • Diploma “MBA in Public Sector” by International Institute of Business




Regarding applying for the program:

tel. 0445850033

mob./viber: 0675248949

e-mail: sales@iib.com.ua

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