Reviews (10)

kondrThe promised results are really obvious - my daughter was transformed, liberated, became more self-confident and determined the sphere of her interest!

lobasmSuch projects should be continued, children become more mature, more aware, now it is important not to lose everything and apply it in practice, but we, the parents, are ready to support!

sagalvikI am grateful to the business club for the fact that every Sunday morning, on the day off, my  child himself got up and wanted to go to classes!

lobasFor me in "BeezzCraft" very valuable was the opportunity to communicate with professionals, learn new formulas, definitions, deepen my knowledge.

egorThe advantage of this program is that it gives a very broad understanding of business, and it is for children.

sagalevichI understood a lot about business – communication was very effective during the study process, with good presentation of information, good teachers, and organization.

ritaI became freer, I learned to achieve my goal correctly, and I did not want to say good bye to a friendly team!

lvovkayaI like that here teachers and students communicate on an equal footing, you can ask any teacher who is successful in business.

vityaI study at the university, but I got much more knowledge in the business club - there is an individual approach, teachers are very loyal, and an interesting method of teaching is being used.

karinaAfter studying at BeezzCraft, everything became clear for me, I began to go beyond the limits of my abilities.