Vladislav Beloshapka

Doctor of Economic Sciences, PhD, Professor of Management at International Institute of Business, author of modern theory of managerial performance.

15 years of practice in running training, research and consulting projects in the areas of general, strategic, marketing management and organizational transformations ordered by leading Ukrainian and International companies. Author of around 100 academic publications, including textbooks and monographs: "Managerial Performance in International Business" (2008), "Managerial Performance in Development of International Companies" (2007), "Managerial Performance: A System View on Managerial Work and Development" (2007), "On the Road to Effective Management: a Live Model of Managerial Performance" (2005), "Transnational Corporations" (2003), "Strategic Management and Marketing for Pharmaceutical Companies" (2001), "Strategic Management: The Principles and International Practice" (1998), "Joint Ventures in Ukraine" (1995), and two materials in the World’s Number 1 Management Journal – Harvard Business Review.

Courses: Organizational Behavior (Executive MBA), Organizational Theory (International MBA)



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