Katkov Alexander


Alexander Katkov is Chief Strategy Officer in "BBDO Ukraine" (part of international advertising network),  previously he was Chief Strategy Officer in AGAMA communications - the most effective advertising holding company according to the All-Ukrainian Advertising Coalition in 2017.

He started working in the field of both advertising and marketing in 2003. Since that time, he had tried himself in various sides of the marketing process, holding such positions as copywriter, strategic director, co-founder of the agency and director of business development, so Alexander had formed his vision of an integrated strategy for the promotion of goods and services.

Now Alexander says he wants to "kill Digital as a concept" and raise a new generation of marketing experts who will have deep, thoughtful and what is more important - complex approach to the marketing. For this generation of skilled specialists, the ability to use digital tools will not be the only and primary skill, but one of the competencies allowing to solve client's problems effectively.

Today Alexander Katkov is an experienced marketing specialist, manager and teacher. And he is ready to share his knowledge with students of the program Diploma in Professional Marketing (Digital Strategy module) produced by the Chartered Institute of Marketing.


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