Gumeniuk Iaroslav


Yaroslav Humeniuk – CMO of the portal Lecturer of the module «Marketing & Digital Strategy» (CIM, UK) and the «Customer Experience» course in the Executive MBA program at IIB.

More than 20 years of experience in marketing and strategy.

More than 200 original commercials with his participation.

More than 30 brands, in the development of which he joined. Yaroslav was engaged in bringing to market TM "Біленька" and "Білайн", repositioning brands "Воля", "Наше радіо", "ПУМБ", "Київстар".

He created a marketing function and teams in the companies "Наше радіо", "Ласуня", "ПУМБ", "Воля", "Ельдорадо" and "Kiwi".

He was one of the firsts, who implement customer experience and service design companies "Воля", "Київстар", "ПУМБ" and "Ельдорадо". He launched the first E-com in Telecom (Воля), ПУМБ and Ельдорадо.

Special Achievements: Best Marketing Team 2018 (EFFIE), 4 EFFIE Awards.

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