Stanchenko Andrey


Andrey Stanchenko, PhD - CEO of NRG, vice president of Certified Management Consultant Association.


Specializations: Certified management consultant, strategic sessions' facilitator, ex-tutor and gamification technician of Moscow​ School​ of​ Management​ S​kolkovo.



  • Practitioner expert in the field of change management and leadership.
  • Has a personal experience in sales and business management in a large Company.
  • The project on increasing employees' involvement received an award as the best project of the year.
  • The business modeling expert (
  • The unique representative of Ukraine on ATD (ATD-2015, ATD-2016, ATD-2017), the world's largest conference on corporate training.
  • An internship was undertaken in Silicon Valley (see video reports from an internship at in 2017.




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