Galyna Vasylchenko


PhD, Associate Professor of the Management and Administration Department, Expert in USAID Strategic Planning Project.

Certified Coach of the Council of Europe Program “Strengthening the Institutional Capacity of Local Authorities. Leadership Academy”.

Certified Investment Attraction Expert (Institute of Territorial Self-Government and Administration FRDL MISTiA, Krakow, Poland).

Certified Expert of Local Economic Development Program (CIDA, Federation of Canadian Municipalities).

Accredited Investment Attraction Expert (USAID Training Program “Urban Economic
Development”, InvestUkraine and BermanGrup).

Certified Coach for Small Business (Program of Southwest Entrepreneurship Center of
Confederation, Thunder Bay, Canada).

Training courses:

Investment Management, Business Planning, Local Economic Development Strategic Management, Project Management in Public Sector, Public and Regional Governance.

Professional background:

30 years of expertise in teaching, 20 years of expertise in managing NGO, preparing and implementing local and regional development projects, 25 years of expertise in training, expert, and consultancy activities on small business development support, business planning, local economic development, regional development, strategic planning, etc.

Recent most interesting jobs:

  • Consultancy on local economic development at the Association of Ukrainian Cities in the framework of PULS Project (USAID).
  • Working as a coach at the project “Involving the Community into Local Development as the Key to the Decentralization Reform Efficiency for the Future”, sponsored by U-LEAD with Europe Program.
  • Managing the grant project “Voice of Community in Local Self-Government” under the USAID program “Decentralization Offering Better Results and Efficiency” (DOBRE).
  • Leading the team of experts on working out the concept of strategic development of joint territorial communities of Halych District.
  • Working as a coach at the Community Development Support Project (Ukrainian Confidence Building Initiative - UCBI, USAID) in the framework of the Launching Regions Initiative.


The vision should be followed by deeds. It is not enough to stand and look at the stairs - they are to go up.

The most valuable capital of a territorial community is the community itself that builds social capital, which is an integrated indicator of the result of the collective activities of individuals and groups who obtain higher socio-economic results due to the synergistic effect of the jointly concerted actions.


I teach at the IIB business school because I like to share my expertise with those people who are motivated to learn, so I’m eager to transfer my acquired knowledge to those who need it and who will apply it for future progress and positive changes in Ukraine.


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