David Gilgur


David Gilgur is the Founder and CEO of VimesVC (London), whose activities are aimed at combining commercial and investment opportunities between the UK and Ukraine markets. Since November 2012, David has headed the company and is directly involved in working with European and Ukrainian clients on exports, investments and other international projects.

Previously (2008-2012), David sold data licenses to Bloomberg (London), working closely with clients from a wide range of financial institutions, helping to identify information requirements and generating new innovative ways to provide optimal solutions to customers ' data needs.

Prior to this, in 2007, David joined the newly formed real estate team and took responsibility for the development of this new project from the initial conceptual framework to presenting the final product to clients as a real estate researcher and Project Manager (Bloomberg, London).

Previously at the same company, David Gilgour was a money market analyst and was responsible for collecting and analyzing macroeconomic and monetary market data, with a particular focus on Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and other developing countries in Eastern Europe.


• CFA (Level I)

• University of Manchester, master Of Finance and Economics. Thesis title: "Mergers and acquisitions, reasons for success and failure."

• BA (Econ) Hons, specializing in business and Finance 2.1


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