Dmytro Onashchenko



Dmitriy Onashchenko is a professional Business Developer, an expert in strategy, modeling process operating systems, and reformation management.

Key responsibility: strategic business development, which allows companies to reengineer the business model and management system in a short time and achieve market and financial growth.

Since 2015, he has been conducting projects of deep transformations of medium and large companies, including:

• Development of strategic architecture
• Development of operational architecture
• Implementation of changes before financial aims are met


Until 2015, he held CEO positions in Ukrainian and foreign companies. Professional business coach, mentor.


• National Technical University of Ukraine "KPI"
• KROK University of Economics and Law (Project Management)
• Business School "International Business Institute" (Executive MBA)


Co-owner of companies
• MIRA top recruiting, consulting and recruiting agency.


Consulting and development projects for companies:

• Globino - meat processing plant and pig farm
• Luxoptics - optics stores chain
• CLASS - Food Supermarket Chain
• BAdM - pharmaceutical distributor
• Agromat - a chain of supermarkets of tiles and plumbing
• Pharmacy store "Good Day Pharmacy "
• Tedis - tobacco distributor


Courses that are taught: Business Process Management, Strategy


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