The Executive MBA program consists of 29 courses for develop competences of the leader, which will make it possible to become a universal manager, able to build a sustainable business model, assemble an effective team and increase the value of the business.

The duration of Executive MBA program is 2 years, from autumn 2024.


Convenient schedule of training without detachment from the main activity

training module consists of 5 days ( Wednesday- Sunday) once in a month


In the period between the modules: individual and group projects, individual tasks, work with books and study materials.


The students have the possibility to choose a study module abroad, in one of the partner business schools in Europe. This module also includes the visits to the companies and the meetings with company top-managers.


Study methods:

  • business games;
  • case method;
  • individual and group;
  • discussions;
  • group field-project;
  • presentations;
  • visits to companies;
  • diploma project.



Program content:


  • Team building
  • Managerial economics and competitive strategy
  • Strategic marketing
  • Strategic process
  • Project management
  • Creating effective teams. Power and influence as methods of management
  • Analytics for the manager
  • Marketing and Digital Technologies
  • Organizational architecture. Process approach
  • Introduction to Finance
  • Financial and management accounting
  • Financial analysis
  • financial management
  • Management of corporate finances ("Hard skills")
  • Managerial intelligence ("Soft skills")
  • Negotiations without losses. Skills of presentations and communication with the media ("Soft skills")
  • Business law
  • Business Transformation
  • Organizational behavior
  • Workshop "Business model and sources of financing"
  • Management efficiency
  • International business and export activities
  • Reputation management
  • Sales management and creating a positive customer experience
  • Risk management
  • Operational management
  • Human capital management
  • Financial synthesis
  • Change management



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