The aim of the program is to acquire general managerial skills and advanced practical business tools through:

  • Forming of strategic thinking and widening of business intelligence of the audience;
  • Obtaining specialized knowledge and understanding of the interaction of various components of the business, aimed at solving current problems in a company and increasing effectiveness of managerial functions;
  • Acquiring the skill of practical application of the knowledge obtained on the program.

Benefits of General MBA program at the IIB are:

  • relevance and applicability of the knowledge in a modern business-environment;
  • correspondence of the financial courses to the international ACCA standards (4 courses of the program are accredited by ACCA);
  • logical consequence and practicality of the study program;
  • a perfect balance between the exact science and humanities;
  • personal development of the audience and creating key competences for the successful human and business management;
  • convenient study schedule – MBA programs have modular structure, which allows to combine work with study process;
  • a special elite status of AMBA community member and of MBA-club, and the opportunity to attend private events of the IIB and its partners.
  • the opportunity to start learning from any block of the program.

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