The program is implemented in a modular format which is very convenient for working students, and allows one to combine work and study


Modular system:  5-day Modules monthly during 18 months.


Program starts on September 16th, 2020.


Schedule: Wednesday - Sunday: 9.30 - 16.45. (once a month).


In addition to traditional teaching methods, the Program involves extensive use of case methods, training, role and business games, and organization of workshops, presentations and discussions.

Study process includes visits to leading enterprises and companies, meetings with successful businessmen and representatives of professional associations.

Diploma upon graduation: a General MBA Diploma of the International Institute of Business.


Language of instruction: Russian, Ukrainian.


The General MBA carousel model© program syllabus:

1. Teambuilding
2. Formation and development of effective teams
3. Mathematics for business leader
4. Development of economic thinking of a manager
5. Strategic management
6. Enterpreneurship
7. Marketing management
8. Financial analysis and crisis management practices
9. Project management: from idea to implementation
10. Managerial accounting
11. Business and cross-cultural communications
12. Management of business processes
13. Operational management
14. Big data management and modern information technologies
15. International business and global economic environment
16. Financial management
17. Digital marketing
18. Leadership and human resource management
19. Valuation and value based management
20. Business Law in the contemporary economy
21. Business practicums
22. Communication Weeks*
23. The final project (integration of knowledge and its practical application on the example of an operating business startup or startup development).

* Communication Weeks
are special training modules, when several generations of students come together to receive high-quality networking between participants through various group activities. 


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