Mosiychuk Tatyana


PrAT UPSK, Chairman of the Board, Ph.D. in Economics, Training on program of the National Council for Economic Education of the USA (NCEE), training at the University of Kansas (USA) in the USIA program, training in the office of the Superintendent of Canada (OSFI).


Course at IIB: "International Business"


Professional background includes working on senior positions in business and public administration, more than 10 years of work on international markets.

1. As a financial expert of the EU project, TACIS, participated in the corporatization of enterprises of the aerospace complex of Ukraine (AEK Corporation).

2. As deputy chairman of the State Committee for the Regulation of the Financial Services Market of Ukraine, she took a direct part in the creation of legislation for non-bank financial institutions of Ukraine, in the implementation of international standards, and participated in the negotiation process when Ukraine joined the WTO. Initiated and prepared Ukraine's accession to the Unidroit conventions on international factoring and financial leasing.

3. She worked as an expert for EU projects in the area of financial market reform. Currently a member of the NBU working groups for the preparation of new legislation for non-bank financial institutions.

4. Advised a group of American companies, SCS (Brazil), SASS (EU) on creating a business in the supply and sale of raw materials for the chemical industry in the EU and the CIS countries. The project included organization of work of back-offices, logistics systems, risk management, including insurance, financial and tax planning.

5. Implemented a financing project for a Ukrainian oil and gas company using a leasing scheme as part of a state program of one of the EU member states to support export.


Aphorism, reflecting the life credo: The race is got by running.

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