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It has become a common practice in the world to get loans from the banks for education purposes.

Today this successful foreign practice is coming to Ukraine. Loans for studying at IIB are now available for everybody. This opportunity has emerged as the result of close cooperation between IIB and VABank. You can get the loan for three years with the interest rate of 15%.

Download terms of obtaining the loan from VABank.



If you are interested in management consulting, McKinsey & Company, the leading management consulting firm, invites you to meet our consultants.

Our presentation will explain how management consulting differs from other consulting, show how McKinsey operates as a global firm and try to give you a closer glimpse of the types of projects and work consultants do, with a special focus on our office in Moscow. This is a wonderful opportunity to meet our consultants in person and discuss whatever you have not had a chance to learn about McKinsey yet.


During February 8-12 the IMBA second year students had an opportunity to enrich their knowledge in the area of international financial management.

She was delivering the unique course in Performance Management and Organizational Control that was specifically developed for IMBA Program at IIB. Students had a chance to examine the role of both financial and nonfinancial performance measures and to get acquainted with the world experience and practices in the area.

We are looking forward to applications from highly motivated and globally oriented people who plan to develop their careers and succeed in life. For admission criteria and application package see link. The deadline for applications is January 20, 2006. The first session is scheduled for February 8 – 12, 2006.


1. We declare our devotion to democratic values and support of free expression of people’s will. We also back up our employees desiring to stand up for their position in a peaceful manner.

2. We condemn the President election results’s falsification and beleive that state power in Ukraine must be legitimate, and congruent to the expression of the will of Ukrainian people.

3. We appealing to all those the political situation in Ukraine depends on to make all possible efforts for peaceful resolution of the political crisis and prevention of any harm to people.

4. We address to all Ukrainian and foreign mass media with an appeal to highlight progress of current situation in Ukraine in truthful and impartial way.



Invitation to meet Admissions Directors of top Business Schools

You and your friends are invited to the World MBA Tour 2004, the largest series of Business School fairs in the world. Now in its 11th year, the Tour travels with over 200 of the top international Business Schools, including the ’Top 20’ US* and European schools


The International Institute of Business (IIB) is a recognized leader in business education in Ukraine. Our main goal is to provide the necessary knowledge for successful business management and to help establish professional standards among managers, consultants and specialists.

IIB’s mission is to:

• educate and prepare effective leaders for the government and business sectors in Ukraine;

• establish and uphold professional standards of business management, finance, marketing and public administration;

• adopt and transform international experience and the best worldwide practices to improve economic policy and business environment in Ukraine.


The International Institute of Business took part in the largest international MBA fair—the World MBA Tour. This was the first time this fair has come to Ukraine. Other leading business schools from various countries of the world also took part in the event. For 5 hours, representatives of IIB actively communicated with visitors to the fair. The main goal, which was to meet talented candidates and ambitious managers who will become the future respected students of IIB’s MBA programs, was attained.


Jonas Ridderstrale, the famous Swedish professor, will hold a master class "Innovation Strategies" in Kyiv June 17, 2005, 09:30-13:00. Jonas’ master class will focus around innovations in business. The clients of the International Institute of Business possess an exclusive 17% discount!